Real clay brick slip 4×24.5×1.3 cm. Rustic range

Brick slip made of clay baked in an oven in different shades, textures and irregular shapes due to the raw demoulding and baking process; characteristic brick from the south of Spain.

  • Size: 4×24.5×1.3 cm
  • Irregular surface and edges.
  • Shade variation: salmon, earth and straw.
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior.


  • 1.5 cm joint, 70 pieces/sqm
  • 1 cm joint, 78 pieces/sqm
  • 0.5 cm joint*, 89 pieces/sqm
  • 0.2 cm joint, 96 pieces/sqm

Suggested joint thickness for ceilings, vaults, lintels, etc.


  • It is recommended to place the brick slips with a 1.5 cm joint and fill with a single layer mortar of white-jasmine colour.
  • They can also be placed 0.5 cm apart and thus avoid grouting. You only need to add more glue cement on the back of the brick slip to overflow.
  • Adhesive: Glue cement (We recommend GEL-ADHESIVE H40 NO LIMITS of the KERAKOLL brand).