• All prices offered by CRISAN 2005 S.L do not include VAT or shipping costs.
  • Confirmation of the order, customer information and data of the place of delivery will always be by email.
  • All orders are billed in accordance with the prices in effect at the time of the order or in accordance with the prices listed in the validated order. All changes require an agreement written by CRISAN 2005 S.L. Prices may be modified at any time and without prior notice in accordance with the rates applied by the suppliers.


  • Except in the case of an exceptional agreement, the total price, including taxes and estimated delivery costs for the order, is paid in full at the time of order confirmation. Neither production nor shipping will begin without proof of payment. Invoices are sent by email or upon delivery of the order.
  • Payment methods:
    ⁃ Bank transfer.
    ⁃ PayPal


  • The delivery of an order will be made at the first door of the property. This means that deliveries in blocks of apartments or flats or multi-storey buildings will be made to the main entrance of the building. The customer is responsible for the subsequent transport to their main door.
  • At the time of delivery, the customer must check all products to verify their condition and that they are not damaged.
  • Claims must be communicated to: crisan @ crisanterracotta within 48 hours. The right to claim expires after 48 hours. This does not include the right to guarantee.
  • At the time of delivery, the customer will check all the items and ensure that the delivery matches the order. If the delivery differs from the agreement, the customer has the right to return the products delivered immediately, unless the difference with respect to the agreement is so small that it does not justify the client refusing to accept the merchandise.
  • If the products delivered are not rejected immediately at the time of delivery, it will be considered that such delivery has been accepted and the customer will lose the right to claim any difference in the items delivered with respect to the agreement


  • Being an artisan product and cooked with biomass, the colour of the brick slips can vary from one order to another, even in the same order. When placing, we recommend alternating the brick slips of several boxes at the same time to achieve a more authentic finish.
  • The possible breaks that may have been caused in the transport of the brick slips serve for the endings of the rows.