Real clay brick slip 8×24.5×1 cm – SOLD OUT

Baked brick slip that, through a mechanical process, has accelerated the aging of several hundred years, maintaining the shade variation caused by the fire.

  • Size: 8×24.5×1 cm
  • Round edges
  • Shade variation:  red, salmon, earth and straw
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior


  • With 1 cm joint: 44 pieces sqm
  • With 0.5 cm joint :* 47 pieces sqm
  • With 0.2 cm joint: 49 pieces sqm

Suggested joint for ceilings, vaults, lintel, etc.


  • This model must be placed with 0.5 cm joint and thus avoid grouting. You only need to add more glue cement on the back of the brick slip to overflow.
  • Adhesive: (We recommend GEL-ADHESIVE H40 NO LIMITS of the KERAKOLL brand).