Real clay brick slip 4×24.5×1 cm. Rustic range

Baked brick slip that, through a mechanical process, has accelerated the aging of several hundred years, maintaining the shade variation caused by the fire.

  • Size: 4×24.5×1 cm
  • Round edges
  • Shade variation: salmon, earth and straw
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior


  • It contains 33% of flat and earthy colour brick slips, 0.8 cm thickness to achieve an effect of depth and texture. Get a striking light and shadow effect by placing zenithal or low-angle lighting near the surface covered with brick slips.

This model has 25% of half-size pieces to simulate a load bearing wall. That is, 3 rows of complete bricks lips and 1 row of small brick slips, that is the correct ratio to get the finish of the old load bearing wall.


  • This model must be placed with 0.5 cm joint and thus avoid grouting. You only need to add more glue cement on the back of the brick slip to overflow
  • Adhesive: (We recommend GEL-ADHESIVE H40 NO LIMITS of the KERAKOLL brand).